Friday, April 20, 2012

I forgot an old italian song's name, it has a very familiar melody could you help me?

The song is very famous in Italy, but I cant remember the name to the song im looking for, it is very famous and i really need an answer
There sre no words, and it is not a new song, i think ive heard it at Carrabba's and Olive Garden.

Answer on I forgot an old italian song's name, it has a very familiar melody could you help me?

Thats Amore?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tell me how to be a player please !?

I'm 17 and stil a virgin ! I have done searching what's the average age people lose their virginity in many languages[German, French, Italian,Spanish, Portugese] and even in Italy the average is still 15. I don't understand why i should save it when people don't ..... I wish I could find a virgin one so she wuld understand my feelings but I don't think they're left if they are over 17. I really want to know how people get laid ? It seems really dificult tom e though.
So please just tell me informatively how to ask girl to have sx with ! I'm sick of missing out al the fun ! I'm really depressed now ! I'm missing out all of the fun thing !
Please don't tell me to wait ! You don't know how I feel ! I don't understand people tel me to wait when they lost it at summer camp whn they were 14. I don't care about regreting losing it because I know I will regret missing out all the fun. I can't Imagine myself having a girlfriend who lost V at 14 and has done it with several guys.

Thanks !

Answer on Tell me how to be a player please !?

what should you do? get a hobby.
players always end up alone in the end.
you'll have fun now but in afew years when everyone realises what a waste of time being with a player with you'll be all aloneee.
do something else worthwhile with your time(:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Was my first date with this guy a success?

My friend knows this guy who lives in my neighborhood. She said that the guy and I should talk sometime. He added me and messaged me on Facebook and then he asked for my number. We've been texting for quite a few days and he called me a few nights ago. He's SO nice! Hes asking me tons of questions. He asked if we could hang out this weekend and then he asked me if I wanted to come to his baseball game Tuesday or Wednesday. He said I'm really cute and my name is really pretty! He asked if I've had a bf before and if I like anyone. He was super friendly and we texted a ton and talked on the phone for over an hour! He kept talking about seeing movies together, going to the pool, going to baseball games, etc. together and about hanging out! He texted and called me the next day too! I said I could go to his baseball game and he said that made his day so much better! Then he said he was driving home and kept thinking about me for some reason.. Haha! :) I went to his game today but couldn't stay the whole time. He asked if we could hang out tonight and he came over. We watched baseball and talked sooo much!! An hour before he had to leave, he asked if we could hold hands. We held hands and eventually he put his arm around me and we "cuddled" (I guess you could say haha). He kept complimenting me. His heart was pounding so fast while we were cuddling. He asked if it was okay if he could kiss me. I really wanted to but I said I'm not sure yet (it's only our first date). He kept apologizing for being awkward and was really sweet. He kept tickling me (inside joke) and he hugged me a lot. It was amazing!!!!! The only thing that worries me is that he's had 3 girlfriends before. The last one, they broke up 8 months ago. I've only had one bf and we broke up 8 months ago too. He asked me to see a basketball game with him in two days and says he's soo excited and can't wait to see me again. He texted me after tonight and thanked me and said he had so much fun!! He's super polite with my parents and brothers btw. What do you think?!? Thanks!!! Any advice?! :)

Answer on Was my first date with this guy a success?

Do you really have to ask? He's totally into you like seriously. He seems like a good guy. Go for it with him. It seems like he is a good guy and would treat you great. So what if he's had 3 girlfriends? I dated a guy that had way more than that before me and it was an awesome relationship. Go for it. Good luck!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Someday I want to move to Europe, where are the best places to live?

I live in the US right now but I've always wanted to live in Europe.
I was thinking:
Where are the best places (cities and countries) to live??

Answer on Someday I want to move to Europe, where are the best places to live?

A good place to start looking for a nice place to live in Ireland is

The best place currently is Dun Laoghaire in Dublin.

More at

Friday, April 6, 2012

Me and my bestfriend are gearing up 4 a trip to italy and france in 2009. any tips on how to prepare?

Answer on Me and my bestfriend are gearing up 4 a trip to italy and france in 2009. any tips on how to prepare?

Save lots of money! Get a couple of good travel books , read about where you want to go. Dont know how you are intending to travel around but trains are great in Europe, generally running to time and comfortable. Try and learn a bit of the languages. I know a lot of people speak English but it is always a better experience if you can at least try to ask for what you want, even if they do reply in English. It often gets a negative reaction if the first thing you say is "Can you speak English?"! Don't stick to Lonely Planet either, I know some people who use Lonely PLanet as a guide where not to stay! (You miss out on an awful lot by simply using places in there) What time of year.....not a good idea to go to Italy/France in July August....very hot and mostly closed in August!

Find out whats on when you are going, festivals, shows, browse online, most regions have tourism websites. Research, reasearch!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I have one week in Europe (July 6 - July 13, 2009) and am traveling by myself. Where should I go?

I would like to visit a place other than Paris, Italy, or Greece. I'm not a fan of hostels but I would like to go somewhere budget friendly. I am also particular about my safety as I am a woman, 30, traveling by myself. Initial thoughts include Nice, Aix en Provence, Barcelona, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London. I would prefer to stay one to two nights per city. I have a total of 7 nights for my trip. I would appreciate any advice to help me whittle down my choices.

Answer on I have one week in Europe (July 6 - July 13, 2009) and am traveling by myself. Where should I go?

i've never heard of anybody regretting ever going to france. Myself I've only been to strasbourg, a lovely city. viena/wien/vienna, besides the many museums and palces to visit, is also a great place for shopping on hilfe maria strasse.
i'm not much of a help to you, but I wanted to wish safe road, have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourself

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Do you know them concert dancers behind artists/bands on stages? For example usher has the OMG girls which toured with him when he came to aus.
Well I'm really interested in doing something like that but HOW?! What do I need to do to get there? I've danced in school and stuff but never had outside of school classes and I don't know where to start that will get me there ?


thats exactly ur problem right there: you havent danced outside of school. go out and have fun. join gigs and stuff like that.make a name for urself on the dancefloor.and along the jams and gigs ur gonna meet new friends and even famous dancers if ur that awesome:))just keep joining competitions and gigs and u might be discovered or something or if u will actually try to audition then u have some experience and u can tell them all about it.that will give u plus points:D